Remarc Solutions focuses on improving the business of our clients through cutting-edge technology development. We provide unique experience and expertise in a wide array of subjects extending well beyond the software world. We are relentless in the pursuit and encouragement of positive change and progress in any form.

IT expertise and interests

  • Mobile web apps and responsive web sites (html5)
  • Data management applications
  • Emerging healthcare technologies
  • Physical computing - remote monitoring, prototyping

Subject areas

  • Mobile E-commerce
  • Environmentalism, Sustainability, Alternative Energy
  • Electronics, Engineering, Automotive, RV, Audio, Product customization
  • Adventuring, Bicycling, Trailering
  • Wellness, Nutrition, Women's health, GIS
  • Athletics, Basketball, Bicycling, Running, Triathlon, Yoga, Games
  • Artists, Local or small businesses