More fiddling from last weekend... 20150627scapesfourx640 20150627scapesmos2x640 20150627scapesmosx640

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Rainy weekend left time for indoor pursuits. heuchera scan 20150627heucherakalx640 20150627heucherafourx640 20150627heucherakal2x640 20150627heucheramosaic2x640

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pink flamingos... Inventor of the Pink Flamingo lawn ornament. I've got a pair that stay out year-round, complementing my tropicals in summer and warming my heart during the winter. (They do look chilly. But, hey. They're plastic.) I posted back in 2007 about the move of Pink Flamingo manufacturing from Massachusetts to Upstate New York. I don't know the state of Pink Flamingo manufacturing today. But I suspect that mine just doubled in value and maybe I should enjoy them less and take better care of them. Not. Nice tribute at NPR. Including story that he had to use National Geographic photo to model his design because there aren't many flamingos in Massachusetts. Don Featherstone

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Finally got my hands on some vintage scanners that do a decent job, for what I'm shooting for in scans. But I have to admit, I'm a little rusty in the scanning and photoshopping. Am looking forward to polishing my efforts. Meantime, I did get one of my scans published full page in the print edition of the Dutch magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur. aruncus-kalx640 aruncusx640 verbascum-kalx640 verbascumx640

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We had a second titan arum bloom at Cornell last week. Got timelapse video edited processed and posted today: View more timelapse videos or learn more about 'Stinky Science' on our YouTube channel, or visit the Cornell Titan Arum blog.

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